Rewards skipped July and went to August no pay

My brave rewards on regular brave on mobile skipped July rewards and now says August. Brave beta on mobile says July 7th still with “.07 bat coming in 2 days” but regular brave just says august with no pending rewards or anything.

You should still get paid for June earnings sometime after July 7th up to a week after. Some devices update and show next month for some reason, but that does not mean it will skip out for the payment. Not sure why some jump ahead and others do not.

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Let’s hope so, because that’s my main brave that I use the most so it has the most rewards. My PC still says July 7th like beta on mobile. But just regular brave on mobile is being problematic. Thanks for the input.

I get it, my main pc has the most ads and sometimes that jumps ahead, it has not yet, but I believe last month during June 5th-7th it jumped ahead to July way before I received payments. My mobile usually reflects that change even sooner. Like a few days before, similar to your situation. But yes do remember this month they will be behind due to holidays in US and CA. So expect payments to be delayed up to maybe July 14th.

I should get an alert from uphold when a deposit goes through too I guess.

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@DivineDrift payout will kick off tomorrow Monthly Ads Payout Status Update.

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