Rewards not transferred to Uphold for 8+ months!

I have been a verified user of Brave and Uphold wallet for 2,5 years. There is a sum of ~11,9 BAT that each month is NOT transferred to Uphold wallet but is supposed to be transferred the next month. The only amount that gets transferred is a small one, depending on the use of the browser (0,1-0,5 BAT) - since there are also no ads except like 5 in a day.

This has been happenning for at least 8 months, maybe 10! and I can’t figure why. According to
I should have up to 20 ads per day for my region - which does not happen.

What can I do?

Anything we might say based on what you shared would just be assumptions. In order to figure out specifically what is happening and to see if it can be resolved, please create a Rewards Support Ticket at

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