Requests sent to localhost through brave browser aren't being captured by burp suite

Hey everyone there,

For some days, I have been experiencing some issues with the requests made to the localhost ( using the brave browser. These requests aren’t captured neither by burp suite or postman.

At first, I thought it might be just an issue with the burp suite only but then I tested with the postman desktop application and the same problem occurs there as well. However, the requests with HTTPs are successfully captured or intercepted by these software.

I have also installed the foxy proxy where I added the host/port on which these software are running, everything’s fine with the foxy proxy, configurations are correct and up to date.

I have checked few others post before writing this but none of them helped, there are several suggestions on different-2 forums that claim a fix of this but those are only related to the firefox only.

Please someone if they faced the issue before, suggest some fixes so I can continue working on the development locally.

Does anything here help?

so what I did is, instead of capturing requests of localhost or say, I used my wlan IP Address or the private one which starts with 192.168, and then burp suite and postman started capturing the requests.

I also set-up crAPI and vAPI on the localhost but accessed it by using (which allows any IP address, either the request is coming from local or remote), so I accessed crAPI interface using this host and port 8080, and then I checked the postman, and woohoo, 20 requests got captured by postman.

Still, there’s no specific fix for the requests on localhost or in the brave browser, but this could be used as an alternative, or use the “curl” request with --proxy flag.

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