Reporting 2 Sites with Ads


Note: Reported these 2 on Discord late last month, but no changes yet. Figured I would make a post here since I haven’t seen an update.

On Liquidpedia, if you go to any of the game pages, there’s a grey box that appears on the left side of the site that is made for ads. Using uBlock Origin’s logger, it shows that it blocks ###sidebar-ad from EasyList (line 9,000ish or so in the list). Right clicking and doing the ‘block element via selector’ doesn’t seem to remove it.

Using EurophixHD to watch some TV shows brings up ads. If you go to a random TV show say Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 and click on an episode to watch, the second or third click should bring up a new tab with an ad with the link to here that re-directs to another ad. This is also blocked with uBlock Origin.

Currently using Brave 0.56.12 on Windows 10 (17763.55)


@takeoverkyle, thank you for bringing these to our attention!
For EurophixHD, those ads were pretty aggressive, definitely want to catch stuff like this. I’m going to go ahead and make sure this gets seen by the right people.

For Liquidpedia, I was able to block the grey box just fine on my end. Is this what you were trying to do?

If you’re having trouble selecting the proper page element, try opening the inspector and using it to pinpoint proper element and name:


Good to hear about the EurophixHD site, hopefully that gets resolved soon. As for Liquidpedia, yes that was my intention to do that. Thank you for the help!


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