Remove the recent feature where Brave assumes which folder you wish to put a new bookmark in

Remove the recent feature where Brave assumes which folder you wish to put a new bookmark in


it’s a little annoying since you have to triple-click: once to bookmark, once again to edit, and once again to choose the location of where to save. Lastly, clicking the “done” button. I would’ve appreciated if it was like before where it just straight up had the overlay on the bottom showing which folder it was saved to with the dropdown available. Also, removing a bookmark is just as a hassle since there’s no straight up “remove” button on first bookmark even if you click on the bookmark icon itself i.e. you accidentally bookmark, you have to click again on the icon (which is a current workaround for pulling up the folder location quickly). I think Brave can make it cleaner too for those with multiple folders since it can get condensed and the way the popups shape can get messy. Also the huge bookmark icon/image space is a missed opportunity to further edit or make use of that space for interaction: literally a sizeable square with a tiny icon in the middle, what for?


I agree, it’s incredibly annoying and it adds unnecessary writes to SSDs. Please revert to where we could choose which folder to save the bookmark into.

Yeah, agree. Who is coding BM’s is goofy. Jump to top of folder after deleting an item/ wasted spacing/ now this assume folder change. Urrgg.

I found double clicking the BM icon quickly first returns the previous style dialoge box.

Another vote for returning to the previous method
The change I would like is to increase the length of the recently-used list of bookmark folders. I find it’s forgotten my common places too quickly. I wish it were of configurable length or, if not comfigurable, about twice as long as latterly.


I’m closing this topic as it’s something of a duplicate (yes, this one came first, but other just happened to get the responses). This is being worked on. You can see similar topic at Bookmark Manager is Too Complicated

And Github links are below:

Fix is incoming.