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Notable fixes/additions in v0.59.34 update:

  • Brave Sync added to release channel! (#3180)
    • This is not a drill! Sync (beta) is now available on release channel. Note that Sync is still in its early phase and currently only includes bookmarks sync between devices. We appreciate your patience as we flesh out Sync to include more of your data. Read more about how to set up Sync on our Help Center.
  • Added ability to enable and disable WebTorrent via Brave settings. (#897)
  • Fixed PDFs being opened in Brave even though “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Brave” has been enabled in Brave settings. (#1531)

Full Release Notes:

  • Added ability to claim BAT grants using the reward panel. (#1783)
  • Added support for custom tip amounts for publishers. (#2645)
  • Added request confirmation before opening external applications. (#542)
  • Added dark theme support for Developer Tools. (#784)
  • Improved the Brave welcome experience. (#1847)
  • Enabled viz service display compositor. (#3105)
  • Reduced user fingerprint by always returning constant values for navigator.mimeTypes and navigator.plugins. (#1549)
  • Replaced several icons under Brave Rewards with new icons. (#1825)
  • Fixed auto-contribution table being corrupted when changing “Minimum page time before logging a visit” via Brave Rewards settings. (#3134)
  • Fixed publishers being removed from the auto-contribution table when “Minimum page time before logging a visit” is changed and Brave is upgraded or restarted. (#3162)
  • Fixed reward panel not always displaying Welcome screen on first click which caused issues creating wallets. (#2962)
  • Fixed several instances of incorrect crypto addresses being displayed in Brave Rewards. (#2172)
  • Fixed weight for each publisher within auto-contribution not being calculated correctly. (#3163)
  • Fixed Widevine notifications not appearing under YouTube and Amazon Prime when viewing premium content and Widevine is not installed. (#1985)
  • Fixed disabling auto-contribution also disabled YouTube tipping. (#2084)
  • Fixed notifications under Brave panel not being dismissible in certain instances. (#2883)
  • Fixed several instances of rewards panel not displaying YouTube publishers due to different URLs. (#2820)
  • Fixed pending contributions to unverified publishers not being dynamically updated under Brave Rewards. (#2890)
  • Fixed Brave Rewards summary sometimes displaying incorrect tip amounts. (#2332)
  • Fixed non-verified publishers not being displayed in Brave panel when unchecking “Allow contributions to non-verified sites” in Brave Rewards settings. (#2653)
  • Fixed “Next Contribution Date” under Brave Rewards displaying incorrect dates in some instances. (#2206)
  • Fixed non-verified sites being added into auto-contribution table when “Allow contributions to non-verified sites” has been disabled. (#2111)
  • Fixed “Send My Tip” button under Brave panel not displaying cursor. (#2744)
  • Fixed specific headers for promotional campaigns not being used when Brave first starts up. (#3143)
  • Fixed not being able to make Brave the default browser under Linux. (#1274)
  • Fixed favicon not appearing on several custom brave:// pages. (#1466)
  • Fixed Brave Shields blocking images when device language is set to Japanese. (#2482)
  • Fixed several strings under the hamburger menu not being translated. (#2831)
  • Fixed several icons under the toolbar that appeared too thick when not using retina screens. (#2327)
  • Upgraded Tor to (#1974)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 72.0.3626.81. (#3146)

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