New Brave update available!

Hello everyone!

Version 0.56.12 released :tada::tada:

Update 0.56.12 is now available on Release Channel! The update includes several fixes and UI updates. I’ve included the release notes below for your convenience:

0.56.12 Release Notes
  • Updated the Brave shields panel with a new design. (#1339)
  • Added support for direct YouTube donations using the Rewards panel. (#1282)
  • Added global Brave shield settings into preferences. (#1288)
  • Added exclude / include option to the Rewards panel. (#1283)
  • Added “Creating Wallet” message when enabling Rewards for the first time using the Rewards panel.(#1502)
  • Added search engine shortcut keys. (#731)
  • Fixed Hulu not playing in Brave. (#1242)
  • Fixed PDFs protected by cookie based login not loading. (#1287)
  • Fixed scripts not being blocked when disabling / re-enabling Brave shields. (#1991)
  • Fixed favicons not being displayed for media publisher in the Rewards panel. (#1887)
  • Fixed contrast so text under Rewards settings is more visible. (#1824)
  • Fixed several issues with the Dow Jones promotion (#287)
  • Fixed exclude / include not working when the publisher is not listed in the auto-contribution table. (#1797)
  • Fixed websites not being added into the auto-contribution table after contribution has been made. (#1796)
  • Fixed verified icon not being displayed for verified YouTube channels.(#1795)
  • Fixed grant notifications being displayed even though there’s no grants available. (#1793)
  • Fixed favicons not loading correctly when enabling Rewards using the Rewards panel. (#1792)
  • Fixed publisher information not appearing under the Rewards panel after restarting Brave. (#1777)
  • Fixed onboarding links not being opened in new tabs. (#1739)
  • Fixed Flash not properly blocking after clearing browser data. (#1727)
  • Fixed websites not being added to the auto-contribute table if Rewards is enabled using Rewards Panel. (#1719)
  • Fixed “learn more” link for WebRTC under preferences. (#1690)
  • Fixed explanatory text in private window not displaying the correct macOS keyboard shortcuts for Tor windows. (#1688)
  • Fixed Qwant in private windows and Tor windows for certain regions. (#1666)
  • Fixed incorrect publisher being displayed under the Rewards panel on YouTube. (#1660)
  • Fixed incorrect attention values for websites visited after auto-contribution. (#1656)
  • Fixed auto-contribute entries sometimes containing “on YouTube” text twice. (#1565)
  • Fixed several alignment issues under the Rewards page when minimizing the window. (#1556)
  • Fixed deleted publishers being re-added into the auto-contribution table when they are revisited. (#1440)
  • Fixed auto-contribution values not recalculating after removing entries from the auto-contribution table. (#1410)
  • Fixed WebTorrent sometimes going blank when switching tabs/windows. (#1400)
  • Fixed torrent files being downloaded twice when clicking on “Save Torrent File”. (#1399)
  • Fixed Brave shields not working after re-enabling in private browsing mode. (#1198)