Release Channel 1.56.9

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Full Release Notes


  • Added the ability to hide and unhide NFTs. (#30367)
  • Added the option to hide NFTs on the “Portfolio” page. (#30345)
  • Added sticky header for asset details screen. (#30237)
  • Added “Buy”, “Send”, “Swap”, and “More” buttons to narrow view of “Portfolio” screen. (#30148)
  • Added empty state placeholder for NFTs when no NFTs are added. (#30105)
  • Added API support to accept “Chain_ID” and “Contract_Address” for ETH calls. (#29983)
  • Added NFT discovery support for “NonFungibleEdition” and “ProgrammableNonFungible” Solana token types. (#29400)
  • Added support for Phantom derivation paths for importing Solana hardware accounts. (#29186)
  • Added the ability to remove auto-discovered tokens. (#28749)
  • Added auto-discovery for Filecoin assets and accounts. (#28002)
  • [Security] Removed extra fields from “eth_signTypedData_v4” message as reported on HackerOne by matseq. (#30354)
  • Enabled Sardine On-ramp purchase option for all wallet users. (#30333)
  • Implemented updated design for the NFT details screen. (#30286)
  • Implemented discovery of Solana accounts when restoring a wallet from seed phrase. (#22969)
  • Moved “Portfolio” customization settings to the “Portfolio” sticky header. (#30216)
  • Updated UI for “Portfolio” settings. (#30422)
  • Updated Brave Wallet UI to show pending transactions in descending order. (#28409)
  • Updated Brave Wallet page scrolling and responsiveness. (#30103)
  • Updated asset discovery to automatically run when NFT discovery setting is enabled. (#30141)
  • Updated Brave Wallet side navigation bar. (#30122)
  • Updated Brave Wallet “Portfolio” graph layout. (#29996)
  • Updated default Brave Wallet auto lock setting to 10 minutes. (#26362)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet startup crash which occurred in certain cases. (#31423)
  • Fixed inability to connect wallet on GMX. (#31629)
  • Fixed duplicate networks being displayed in pre-loaded networks. (#31063)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet not returning correct selected address from the request account RPC call. (#30802)

Brave Rewards

  • Added rounded corners to the Brave Rewards dropdown panel. (#28622)
  • Updated the “Verified Creator” blue checkmark icon. (#28208)
  • Updated Brave Rewards settings under brave://settings/rewards. (#30302)


  • Added the ability to modify keyboard shortcuts under brave://settings/system/shortcuts. (#30840)
  • Added support for “Off-The-Record” mode. (#28750)
  • Added a link to the Safe Browsing support page accessible from the interstitial page and the question mark icon under brave://settings/security. (#20514)
  • [Security] Added support for Certificate Transparency. (#22482)
  • Updated Brave VPN connection to be removed when Brave is uninstalled on Windows. (#30416)
  • Updated sidebar to be displayed on the right by default. (#30397)
  • Removed unnecessary “Shields settings” label under site specific details page of brave://settings/content. (#30208)
  • Fixed crash when using side panel extensions. (#31328)
  • Fixed crash which occurred when opening a Private window from a Windows shortcut when a search extension is installed. (#30305)
  • Fixed login issue on (#31196)
  • Fixed cosmetic filtering unhiding heuristic. (#30202)
  • Fixed system theme change interfering with explicitly set Brave theme on Linux. (#30766)
  • Fixed aggressive vertical tab scrolling. (#30627)
  • Fixed issue where cosmetic filtering could not resolve relative URLs as first-party. (#30062)
  • Fixed pinned tabs being created in PWA windows. (#29576)
  • Fixed intermittent issue where Bookmarks menu items were not displayed in the application menu on macOS. (#25644)
  • Fixed debounced sites displaying a top-level document blocking interstitial. (#22437)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 115.0.5790.98. (#31682) (Changelog for 115.0.5790.98)