Release Channel 1.52.126

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  • Fixed EIP-1559 gas estimation issue causing transfers to fail on zksync Era Mainnet when using Brave Wallet. (#30473)
  • Fixed switch network notifications incorrectly being fired when a custom network is selected. (#30778)
  • Fixed tokens being shown as ETH when not on asset list and added block explorer links for such tokens in panel and activity tab. (#23565)


  • Fixed crash which could occur when refreshing the New Tab Page in certain cases. (#30938)
  • Fixed RSS feed parsing performance which caused high CPU usage when using certain sites. (#29125)
  • Fixed Brave VPN “Can’t connect to server” error message when switching between regions while already “Connected”. (#30792)
  • Fixed “Show tab search button” setting under brave://settings/appearance not being respected when a new window is opened. (#30829)
  • Fixed download bubble not being displayed when a file download is completed. (#30882)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 114.0.5735.133. (#31023) (Changelog for 114.0.5735.133)
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