Release Channel 1.62.156

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Full Release Notes


  • Fixed unlocking Brave Wallet via the panel sometimes closes the panel. (#35612)


  • Updated URL bar icon for local files. (#35316)
  • Decreased URL bar height to 32px. (#35506)
  • Fixed sync crash when forcing device polling in certain cases. (#35554)
  • Fixed “declarativeNetRequest” rules not being added when Brave is launched. (#30854)
  • Fixed out of sync cookie settings under brave://settings/cookies and brave://settings/shields. (#35415)
  • Fixed solid color for the New Tab Page background not being respected. (#35596)
  • Fixed missing background for “Allowed” and “Not allowed” URL buttons when using light theme. (#35358)
  • Fixed clipped hover state for icons in the URL bar. (#35507)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 121.0.6167.139. (#35704) (Changelog for 121.0.6167.139)
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