Release Channel 1.32.113

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Full Release Notes

  • Added new entry under “brave://settings/system” for the “microsoft-edge” protocol on Windows. (#17558)
  • Added menu item under the Brave Wallet panel for viewing account on Etherscan. (#19655)
  • Added new confirmation prompt to switch chains after successfully adding a new network. (#19291)
  • Fixed crash when permission requests for Ethereum are from a popup window. (#19566)
  • Fixed crash when importing data into the Brave Wallet. (#19515)
  • Fixed wrong transaction type being used for EVM compatible networks in certain cases. (#19617)
  • Fixed swapping via Quickswap chain (Polygon/MATIC) incorrectly displaying a insufficient funds error. (#19536)
  • Fixed certain token balances appearing as 0 under Brave Wallet. (#17081)
  • Fixed not being able to approve cancelled transaction using Brave Wallet. (#19642)
  • Fixed several Brave Wallet UI issues due to translated strings. (#19349)
  • Fixed not being able to connect to using the Brave Wallet. (#19551)
  • Fixed not being able to switch networks within (#19656)
  • Fixed (Dapp on Polygon) appearing as blank when using the Brave Wallet. (#19624)
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