Rejected on appeal

I appealed as I do not know why my account was suspended with a total of 520 bat
There was nothing fraudulent or anything out of the ordinary was done to earn the bat I started using from ages ago. A colleague who referred me had similar issue but his appeal was approved I do not know what it is that I done for the rejection
As I stated I use 2 pcs and a laptop for work an android and an iOS to earn the bat
The below was the reply I received

We have concluded that the activity on your account was not in line with the Brave Rewards rules so we have denied your appeal. While you remain able to receive BAT owned by people using Brave when they send it as tips or attention-based contributions, you are no longer eligible to receive BAT owned by Brave itself.

Very disappointed

Due to the poor decision it can only make me feel insecure in using brave any longer. I have not done anything wrong or willingly tried to and if I did, you could have mentioned what it is I done for the future. By taking my 520 bat that I have earned through out this period and waiting for a reply for so long I no longer have confidence in using brave. O will uninstall and no longer have any positive feed back towards brave due to the manner you have dealt with me.
In due to course to further research I have found that I am not alone and this has occured to multiple users

A the best brave bye bye

Sounds like they concluded your abused promotional tokens

They were earned over a long period, 50 bat alone was for Android over 6 month period

Well they banned you from promotion tokens, so I assume thats what they took back

I suppose so, I well not much I can do. Final notice decision on appeal
But over 8 month period earning 520 bat is that abuse? My colleague had more he appealed and brave gave him all his bat.
Bat was earned from 4 browsers 2 at work 1 on laptop and 1 on pc at home the rest was android and iOS

Thanks for the reply if they concluded I abused it well there not much I can do.

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