Region not supported while having already accounts (The Netherlands)

Briefly describe your issue:

I am a Brave user alsmost from the beginning that the Brave browser came out. Therefore i already have a Uphold account, back then i had some issues with my pc and had to reinstall windows multiple times, that causes the error that i could not use Uphold anymore because you can’t deactivate pc’s in brave or uphold to gain access again and verify with brave.

So i created a Gemini account (when this option became availible). Both are verified, i have already BAT on those accounts (Uphold and Gemini) but when i try to sign in (because of having a new pc) it shows that the regions are not supported. For both (Uphold & gemini) their websites state that “The Netherlands” are supported. But i can not sign in on my already working accounts because the button is grayed out.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Windows 11 Pro > Version 1.47.171 Chromium: 109.0.5414.87 (Officially built) (64-bit)

Is your Brave Rewards Profile currently verified? (yes/no)

What date did you connect a your Brave Rewards Profile?
Don’t remember anymore but here are the exact dates for both accounts with the last received bat tokens:

Uphold: 09/11/2021
Gemini: 15/12/2022

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?
On this page of Brave ‘The Netherlands’ is not in the list anymore. How ever my accounts were verified already when it was supported and i recieved BAT already. On the official websites of Uphold & Gemini ‘The Netherlands’ is supported:


I can find a page that they dont offer new accounts for ‘The Netherlands’ but that is not the issue, i already have one (But for uphold i couldn’t link it anymore after i had reinstalled Brave a few times, thats why i went over to Gemini)
Gemini: (I already have a working verified account that already has recieved BAT in 2022)

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?
Do not use the APP

Have you fully completed Uphold’s CDD requirements?

Yes, but because of issues with Uphold after reinstalling Brave Browser i switched to Gemini.

Same here, guess we will have to wait, and hope that the Netherlands will be supported in the future.

Actually, if you check Uphold, Netherlands is listed under We are unable to offer new accounts in the following locations: which means it’s a restricted region. Uphold often prevents the API from linking accounts from Brave when a country is on this list. You can see this at

Gemini is restricted to USA only and likely will be that way for a while.

If you check Brave’s official page, you’ll see what countries are supported. Netherlands is not on that list. That list is at

I totally understand, but the annoying thing is i already have working accounts, made in the period that ‘The Netherlands’ was supported.

When you uninstall brave browser (had to reinstall Windows multiple times) you can not login with your Uphold account anymore (This happend before it was not supported anymore) and the Brave support was not able to fix this issue.

So i made a Gemini account (while it also was supported) and received BAT tokens on that account aswell. Last time i received it was 15/12/2022.

Why cant i login on my Gemini account if i have already a working account. If i never had to reinstall Brave Browser my Gemini account would still be connected to my Brave wallet.

You answered your own question. Gemini is preventing new connections from being made. When you reinstalled Brave, it generated a new Rewards ID. Your prior connection would have been associated with the Rewards ID you had. When you uninstalled and then installed, it created that new ID and therefore would be seen by Gemini as a new connection. And right now, it’s not permitted as your region is outside of the United States.

Okay i understand. Will there be any fix for old user who already have a account so they can login to their already working account?

I also was wondering when i receive bat now, without being able to login, where does the BAT going?