Region not supported error GEMINI

@Bugra I think is correct. You should still be receiving ads, you just can’t connect to your custodial account at this time.

For anyone not receiving ads, you should probably disconnect from your custodial account and return to an unverified Rewards state until the issue is fixed. Make sure to back up your Brave-Browser folder in the interim just in case something happens and you need to restore your unverified Rewards balance.

Once you disconnect, clear history/cache, close browser, and reopen. You may have to wait a while before you receive ads again.

If you have already disconnected from your custodial account and are still not receiving ads, check these articles and topics to see if you can troubleshoot your issue:

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same here Philippines

i am getting this error on my android but my laptop is not showing this error and im from india

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I get the same error on Android. My region is India and it is listed among the supported countries. I hope this error gets solved soon.
it is happening on my android device


Gemini removed support for India for now I think

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There was an update a while ago-


I am also facing this problem in India


I am facing the same problem…i am from India

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iam also in india same problem

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Can’t use Uphold account since withdrawal fee is too much.
Unless they fix gemini account issue, I am done with Brave.


If you are facing problem with withdrawal fee then convert bat to XRP and then transfer you will be charged very less fees

If you are done with Barve you can do whatever you want! Don’t look at rewards only there’s many other best Features comes with brave enjoy that



I have the same problem in Croatia, cant connect to Gemini

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I have same problem in Turkey

Please Add India in the list as soon as Possible, It’s my humble request to Brave Team @SaltyBanana I don’t want to lose my hardly earned BAT again. i’d already lost 25 BAT before. Please Add India as a Supported Country in Gemini + Brave. One of the Largest Userbase of Brave is in India. Please Do care of Us as Well before taking any desicion.


Same region Romania … what a fk please update it fix it do something i will let brave forever i will return to chrome

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I’m from Russia. Uphold told me that he was closing my account and transferred my BAT to a personal wallet. Gemini does not support my region. Advertising is coming. What should I do? Throw bat browser? I really don’t want to. Please help someone!!!


The same in Romania…

i get the same error. my region is India it supported previously

But now not supported

I’m from Malaysia, not supported. Before this, it was supported. Help