Region issues (india)

Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.gemini and uphold not verifying in here (india) showing same resons. any idea!!

Hey, I’m from India as well. Because of increased frauds and other reasons Brave has pasused the Verification of Brave Rewards for India. They’re trying to restore it ASAP. Don’t worry though, you can still participate in Brave rewards and earn BATs which you’ll have to claim each month and they’ll be stored on the local files.
The supported regions for verification are listed at the page below →


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when the unverfied bat will expired?

It doesn’t expire. Atleast as of now that’s what I’ve read and know about.

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I was facing the same issue and came here to know, I know that if wallet is not connected then tokens get stored locally. My account was connected with Uphold now suddenly it got disconnected - same region issue but now as month ended my tokens got moved and trying to send to uphold, what will happen to that tokens it will go in wallet or come again to my browser or get lost??

They are working in bringing India back.
Follow the updates in the following post. Meanwhile, keep accumulating your rewards in your browser until your country is supported.

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What do you mean?
Brave will start processing them on the 8th of September now (earnings of August) … So they reset to 0 or a lesser value for earnings for this month (September)

yes i know it will get processed on 8th sept but sometimes can be sooner but as of now it got deducted and showing will arrive in 7 days, that’s what the deducted coins will attach to my account again because it can’t processed further or what happens to those coins.

They’ll reach you in a way that you’ll have to manually press claim to add them to Wallet balance.

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any source of images will be helpful

The highlighted part shows what the Claim buttons look like →

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