Referral Panel is Missing

Please help, my referral tracking panel is missing, there are no statistics, no record of downloads, installed and confirmed!

Please DM the email linked to your account. Thank you!

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i was already DM you steev, please respond

Mine too. I will DM. Thanks.

Hi anyanka, it was already fixed ??

Hi there

No. It’s rather odd. Uphold is verified but upon brave it’s showing it isn’t too.

What’s the current referral rate out of interest too?

Super browser

My uphold account has also been verified, but the traffic panel is still not showing.

@steeven hi steev, how about this problem ?

hi, all publisher accounts in 5 countries whose referral has been disabled have a referral panel deleted


My uphold account has been verified yet on the panel is says it is having trouble, I am in the UK and no referral panels are visible?


Hello anyanka, is that fixed ?

No. Mobile wallet isn’t synching either, been in contact with Uphold but no support here.

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