Referral Confirmation Bug

Till now i have this issue on my referral confirmation. Since August i have 6 that already use brave for 30 days but i only got 2 confirmed and from my September i have 3 but only 1 is being confirmed. Please can you assist me? I created lot of topic for this but till now not fix. I hope this will fix asap before payout on November. Thank you

Hi @Kevspogi - thank you for reaching out. What’s your referral code? I can take a closer look.


Thank you sir for your response here is my referral code

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Take a look my screenshot sir. Only 2 added to my confirmed referral. I have 6 referral that use brave for 30 days from August, you can check this date from my stat - August 18,19,20,21,22 and 23…

Here is my screenshot from September i have 3 referral that use brave for 30 days but only 1 added on my confirm. You can check this date on my stat - September 5,6,7

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