Recently accessed links don't have a star bookmark icon near them

putting a favourite icon to their leftside (like chrome) so you know that the link is from your bookrmarks…

Hello @Killeroids23

try to change your post to feature request and the more vote you get the more chance that the team implement it

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

thanks, and where can I see my TOPICS so that I can delete one ?

somebody told me there is a 3 points . . . dot menu and ‘delete post’
it’s not a message post what I want to delete but a TOPIC i started a couple of days ago

you welcome @Killeroids23

click on your avatar on the top right corner then the user icon then activity then topics

or for you you can go to

at the end of your post you want there 3 dots click on it then the trash icon will show up

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

it won’t let me delete ?!

maybe it something related to your trust level that do not allow you to delete old topic after certain amount of time

let me ask @Saoiray to delete it for you

could you delete that post @Saoiray

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

Negative, I don’t have that rank. I’m just able to move to new category, unlist, and lock. For deletion, would have to tag Mattches or one of the other admins/staff. And unless there’s a good reason, such as something was shared that shouldn’t have been, I’m not sure they’d be worried about deleting their topic.

Btw, @Killeroids23 you can only delete topics up until someone replies to it. Once a reply is made, it can’t be removed. There’s little to no reason for entire topics to be deleted. Whether an issue is unsolved or a solution posed, it’s ideal for both to be seen by the community. Also restricting this helps to prevent trolls and scammers from posting something temporarily and then deleting to try to avoid detection.

Other thing to remember is any post that is edited or deleted is not permanently removed (at least nothing we edit or delete ourselves). It will just show that it was deleted but people can click the pencil icon to see what had been said.

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thanks @Saoiray for your time :slight_smile:

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