New features requested


I sent a New Topic like this a while back but it many have gone into outer space. would you please consider the following—
-move the bookmark icon to the right end of the taskbar
-add a search bar on the right end of the address bar

thank you


The bookmark icon is fine on the left side but for people who want it changed, it would probably be best to just give personal customization options like in Firefox.
As to your second question, the address bar is the search bar. So no need for a separate one if I understand your request correctly.


Thank you. when do you think the first one will be done----- no rush just curious


I’m not a Brave employee, so I can’t tell.
I’d guess it’s currently not very high on the priority list, so it might take a while. On the other hand, they’re currently redesigning the entire settings UI on Nightly so who knows, maybe they’ll work on customization when they’re done with that.


Can you link the thread here?
Normally it is not so good to open a new topic with the same content.


It is is so hard to get a simple topic addressed by someone that can take action!!! Amazing. no wonder we cannot get a simple bookmark icon moved.


i guess about time to leave to one of the responsive browsers!!!