Remove recently visited icons

When I open a new tab, I get 8 icons displaying what I assume is a recently or frequently visited links. Is there a way to remove this? I looked through all the settings and can’t seem to find anything. Thanks in advance to anyone that tries to help me out

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Long press on the icon which one u have to remove
You can see the pic

@dirty in addition, currently there’s no option to disable the tiles. It’s populated based on your browsing history, so clearing your history will clear those tiles too.

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I know that, but it just repopulates with new ones. I want to get rid of it all together.

Thanks for trying to help me out though!

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I would prefer not to clear my history every single time. I hope soon they create an option to disable it. Im going to be honest with you on my reason why I want to disable this… I don’t want porn links I’ve visited popping up when I’m trying to search something to show a friend or someone and they’re right next to me :worried: It happened today, thankfully it was a good friend of mine so it didn’t really matter. it was still a bit embarrassing though

#incognito brother.


I want the history though! Let’s say it isn’t even porn though, maybe something else that’s personal I wanna keep to myself. I would like to disable it for that reason as well! :persevere:

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