Re-claiming account and BAT


Some time ago I was asking for help how to reinstall your PC and get back to your account. I got a message from @steeven saying that before I reinstall my PC I need to provide to him some information about my account and then reinstall it. So a month ago I did that. I sent the info that was required from me and I reinstalled my PC.

After I finished I messaged him again asking how do I get my account back or at least how would I get my 10.489 BAT back ( I was one of those users that had BAT stuck to their account and not being sent to my wallet ). To this day, I still have no response and my messages have been ignored.

I am posting this, hoping steeven or at least other mod would be able to see and help me to get my account back, or if not - get my BAT back.

Thank you

no one will help, i also got some problem with my earning, they got stucked and not increasing even after seeing wallpaper ads and they did not cleared my concern too.
they told me to fill request at brave help centre and no reply from there as well.


@Mattches, might take a look, if @steeven does not respond?

@DTS Steven has been on PTO for the past month. Please send me a DM and I"ll be happy to take a look at your case.

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