Why doesn't Brave give rewards to Turkish users?


I am from Turkey but a UK resident now. If the category I’ve selected is wrong, please correct it, dear admins.

I am complaining about the fact that Brave doesn’t grant any BATs to Turkish users after they’ve clicked any ads shown by Brave. You’re doing a big mistake, mates. Let me explain why.

Turkish people are the most eager people to invest in crypto-currency markets and valuable projects. Look at this graph, please (Source: Statista.com https://www.statista.com/chart/18345/crypto-currency-adoption/)

A fifth Turkish people have invested in crypto markets, so Turkey is ranked first among all countries.

Please read this article (https://cointelegraph.com/news/turkeys-unexpected-rise-to-the-top-of-global-crypto-adopters)

This article says:

-Turkish govt is even supporting cryptos, so investing in efforts for digital Turkish lira.

“A survey from ING conducted in April 2015 found that 45% of Turkish people believed that digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) were the future of online spending.”

Online shopping and banking services are being passionately developed in Turkey. I assert that the online banking system in Turkey is more innovative and developed than the UK’s. But, Brave doesn’t prefer to give rewards to users in Turkey, Come on, guys. You can find companies in Turkey which are extremely willing to cooperate with Brave to promote their ads. They invest a lot in Instagram and Google Ads to extend their marketing capacity to Turkish people. Why are you refusing such a chance to grab a good deal of share in Turkey’s online advertisement market?

I hope you can introduce Brave Rewards to Turkey.


Brave Ads – the feature that allow Brave users to earn BAT – is available for Turkish users. https://brave.com/transparency/

But yes, currently there’s not many ads campaign for Turkey.

Also, it’s not automatically credited. It’ll be accumulated first – the earning estimation is available at brave:rewards – and will be paid every 5th, US time zone.

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