PSA: Unsupported Region

Argentina has been added back just now !



Great, and Germany is still on the waiting list… will it happen again in 2023? Hope dies last, but it dies. :grimacing:


Uphold verification re-enabled for 15 countries additional countries

  • Argentina
  • Belize
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Grenada
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica

Thanks for sharing that @SmartyAadi. I was busy with other things today so update was coming late.


Buenas, soy de PERU salgo en la lista de paises ya admitidos pero me sigue saliendo como REGION NO ADMITIDA, puede ser algun error de momento o soy yo en especifico ?

Is that in Brave Nightly?
If yes, then did you choose another region where they asked to choose a region?
If yes, then probably you’ll have to reset the wallet because as far as I remember they said you have to reset if you wish to change the region. Or you can create a new Profile.
You can raise a ticket at

And hope that they are able to help out to change the region.
To them it’s fishy that why would someone choose a other region than the one they reside in, so that’s why such stuff is in place.

Took a closer look, in the Taskbar I could see that this one is the official release version. So I guess you could just wait for some time for the regional changes to go in place or check if any updates for Brave are pending.

Buenas, de hecho en los BRAVE AZUL Y MORADO me sale esto. Dice que actualmente no esta disponible y seleccione PERU como pais de residencia en su momento.

Por favor, haga otro tema para usted. Ya hay muchas cosas innecesarias aquí. Vincula el nuevo tema que crees.

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@LSENDER Sería útil que crearas tu propio tema. Este está destinado únicamente a proporcionar actualizaciones sobre los cambios acerca de las regiones que son compatibles. Para cualquier soporte técnico o asistencia sobre los problemas que están ocurriendo dentro de las regiones, como la tuya, que debe ser abordado en otro lugar.

Lo que voy a responder es que el mensaje que compartes está indicando que la región que elegiste en el navegador es diferente a la que has verificado con Uphold. Si asumimos que elegiste Perú como tu región en el navegador cuando te lo pidió, ¿podría ser que hayas tenido un pasaporte o documento de identidad de un país distinto a Perú que usaste cuando creaste tu cuenta de Uphold?

Independientemente de la respuesta, por favor no respondas aquí. En su lugar, crea un tema y proporciona información. Esto ayudará a que alguien te ayude oficialmente y a que nosotros obtengamos más detalles. Por ahora, no quiero desviar la atención del propósito de este tema. Si pudiera, lo bloquearía para que nadie más que yo pudiera responder aquí, pero todavía no es una opción.

I can’t connect to Uphold via mobile, I was able to connect via desktop and notebook, but not mobile.

Create your own Topic or submit a support ticket. This topic is intended to only provide updates for regional support. It’s not for seeking assistance or talking about anything else.

Do you have any information about Slovakia or Czech Republic ?

Nothing new known. I post updates as we do. I can try to inquire more on next call this Tuesday

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Any update about India?

I hope the Philippines region won’t get abandoned, i know the reputation is not very good but it sucks for us genuine and honest users :frowning:

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Hello, I would also like to know how I can connect to my Gemini wallet, and not give me the error about the country, that I am not compatible, I saw that some countries have been added to be compatible, but Romanain, when??

As of now countries have been added back for Uphold only. For Gemini, though, if you had it connected to a rewards profile earlier, you can connect back on the same rewards profile again. But if you disconnect you won’t be able to connect back if you’ve updated the browser and have selected a region other than the United States. New profiles are allowed to connect in the United States only.

Today’s update:

India and other countries still being worked on. No specific updates that can be given. Goal is still to add as many as possible by the end of the year. There are some countries in the works, but waiting on Uphold to finish things on their end. No country in particular mentioned.

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I should clarify. This example is primarily on Android, because they combined Locale and Language in the same area. So when you choose English-IN you’re choosing English with India for your Locale.

Windows handles this differently, as do other devices.

thank you for clarification. Its and OS issue, nothing Brave can do about.

Interesting now, that after a critique which was a response to a post from Saoiray and is now resolved my post just one above gets flagged. It looks like critique even though it was clarified is not allowed. Thats quite harsh actually. Let’s see when this post gets flagged