PSA: Unsupported Region

@LdSe and @ankurbhadra @NicolasJM117 and whoever else has commented that they are in supported regions but are getting the unsupported region error. Let me ask:

  1. What does your profile and KYC/AML on Uphold/Gemini say? If you verified in another country but are now using VPN to spoof your location or you moved somewhere, it won’t go by where you’re currently at. It only goes by the documents you’ve provided to Uphold/Gemini and the information you put into your profile.

  2. If #1 is not an issue and it all reflects the same information, then please put in a [support ticket[( so Brave is aware of the issue and they can work with you to get it resolved.

Hi @Saoiray In my case my KYC/Profile on Uphold reflects correctly being in UK. Thus I am going ahead with your suggestion and raising a request on link provided.


Hello, thanks for the reply. I escalated the issue to the provided support link and their response was simply to check with Uphold. Even when I provided the actual profile information (Pointing to Spain) and Uphold ID for cross check.
This feels like an absolute disrespect.

I don’t think it’s meant as a disrespect. Unfortunately I’d take it that they can’t see any issues on their side of things and are saying perhaps there’s an issue with Uphold. Seeing as how they are two different companies, Brave isn’t able to go into Uphold’s information to see where things stand. Sometimes they are able to reach out to their support staff to try to help, but they are very limited.

That said, I’ll see if I can’t run this by @jsecretan on solutions. In the meanwhile, do you think you can also check with customer support over at Uphold and see if they can check things on there end to make sure no issues? Believe it or not, sometimes little things make a huge difference. I remember a few years ago I couldn’t link to Uphold. The reason was because I didn’t put my zip code for my mailing address. This was despite me having shared copies of my ID, bank account, and other information.

It was shocking and annoying when I learned that one petty detail disrupted things. Of course, Brave had no idea of being able to access my private info on Uphold. And originally Uphold thought there were no issues because I did all my verifications with them. It took a bit of back and forth before someone at Uphold was able to guide me to the solution. I’m not saying this is your situation, but I’m sharing to say I understand the frustration and sometimes it’s a pain until you can connect to the right person who can find the solution.

Thanks for your response!
What I mean in regards of disrespect, is that I received a canned response, while I provided many context details, I had to re-confirm what I already said initially and ended up with the Uphold response.
While I understand the data ownership side of things, I was under the impression that the fact that many people were reporting this would cause a “we’ll look into it” sort of response.
Anyways, when I got the last response I verified all my information again in case there was anything like what you’re mentioning, since it all seemed fine and valid (even the zipcode, yup), I escalated the case to Uphold as well and will provide an update here with any response I get from them.

@LdSe Yeah, things take time. I literally sent out an email about it yesterday and got a response today. In the email, I briefly gave examples of the issue by linking Error: Region not supported (US) Uphold wallet and Region not supported UK account

The response I was given was essentially that they don’t see it happening much and in the recent case they did see, it was explained by a mismatch of documents in KYC. But then said they can investigate more.

So I’m at least assuming they were beginning to look into things on their end, but that’s not often quick as they have a lot of other big priorities to tend to.

I’ve learned that with Brave, anything you think should take a few days will likely take at least a few weeks. Weeks are equal to months, and months would be that you’re lucky if you see the issue resolved within a year. It sounds horrible saying it, but they just don’t have enough people working on things and are putting priorities in areas that Users wouldn’t.

That said, they do always get things resolved. It’s just a matter of being patient, which I know isn’t for everyone.

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Yeah, I hear you. It’s fine, I understand the context and priorities (for which I agree) so of course I’ll be patient. However, this issue is quite noisy because, in the end, is money related.
I do also have into account the fact that we actually get something like this (BAT) in exchange of ads that don’t normally convert for an end user.

I’ll provide any updates I get from Uphold and hope for the best.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to clarify everything you could.

Hi @LdSe, thanks for raising the above concerns. I can take a closer look at your case from our end. I just sent you a DM requesting some info. We’ll get to the bottom of it. Thanks again.

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Adding other update. Just finished the Community Call. France should be brought back but they are having some who are saying having issues, so they are investigating that and making sure all in France can connect.

Originally said India was next priority, but things happened where Brazil is now shifted to be next. Hopefully India about the same time, but might take just a tad longer for India.

If all goes well, Brazil and India hopefully will be back within the next 2-3 weeks. That said, I always advise to expect longer. So think 1-2 months and be happy if we get it sooner (my personal opinion).

Other countries not known yet. Will update as we know more.

Oh, sorry. I’m here because in another topic they said me I have to find answers to my problem here. I’ve verified my account but the problem remains. In my uphold says that Brave is linked but when I tried to verify it the error appears. But I’ve verified my uphold account yet.

That doesn’t much matter. On the Brave side of things, you’re most likely not linked. Hence where Brave is telling you that your region isn’t supported when you’re trying to link to it. I do say “most likely” as there’s always a slim chance it’s connected on the back end and you’ll receive pay there next time, but I’m assuming it’ll come to your browser where you’ll need to Claim it and have it stored in the browser until you can link Brave to Uphold again.

Just an FYI, I got an initial answer from Uphold stating that my account does actually belong to Spain and the problem is on Brave’s end since Spain is not a supported country. :slight_smile:

I’ve already pushed back with information from the thread that @Saoiray created and here’s their latest response:

I replied again and will provide further updates.

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Well, seems this is the end of the line:

I’ve asked if they had any traces or logs of the authorization request performed from my Brave instance and they don’t have any visibility or tools. I kept insisting to no avail.

Hello from Malaysia, may I know when will brave reward reenable connection with Uphold in Malaysia?

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I’m From Sri Lanka with the same Issue. Can you take necessary action to restore Uphold verification again to my country?

Just started having this problem in Mexico, where my region is not supported after I reconnect. Curiously enough, my cellphone device is not affected, only my desktop one.

That’s because the limitation is on connecting or reconnecting. So originally both were connected prior to them stopping support for Uphold/Gemini. While connected, you received payments. Once it dropped, such as your desktop did, then you can’t connect again until they resolve it. Eventually your cell phone will also disconnect and not be able to link again.

Please read everything in this original topic up top. Everything is explained. Action is being taken. But nobody knows how long it will be. They just added France, next is Brazil and India. It will likely be several months before everyone is added again.

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Please notify me when India will be available :wink:

hi, in my case everything is correct, and I don’t use VPN. I put a ticket and they did nothing, just a general reply.

Removed this post/comment…combined two posts, which made mine more inaccurate. Let me go respond to the other person and then put what I was saying here for Eddie over where it belongs. sigh

Sorry for any confusion.

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