PSA: Sync Security (all device types)

I had been wrong on what to do if ever you accidentally share your Sync Code or QR, to make sure that others wouldn’t be able to use it to join your Sync chain and gain access to your passwords and other info. So here’s updated and verified response:

The best course of action is to flag this to one of the Brave support staff here, or to email requesting for your Sync account to be deleted.

In both cases, we will need a screenshot of brave://sync-internals/ showing the Sync username. (Therefore, users should not Disable Sync that way because then they won’t be able to take that screenshot.)

It’s not as quick as if they allowed users to do it themselves, but it’s how it is for now. They did also confirm that it’s an adjustment being made, with a Github tracking for them on trying to adjust it to where Users can delete the Sync account themselves, therefore protecting data under those circumstances. You can see this at

At least wanted to put this out there for anyone who might ever need to worry about this. Of course likely would help if ever have a device lost or stolen as well. But just comes down to a “more you know” situation and it kind of serves as a reminder that it’s important to keep your Sync Code and other information kept in a safe place and not to share with others.