Proposal: Move the “Close Tab” sign to the left

I have recently changed from using Safari to Brave. It is much quicker, and working well. But it is difficult to close a single browser tab.


In Brave’s layout there is a short distance between the “close tab” and the “new tab” symbols (+ and x). I propose that you move the “close tab” symbol to the left.


For comparison: In Safari it is easy to close a tab.

Operating System and Brave Version 1.52.1 (

I like it on the right. Maybe it would be better to give users an option, but with most people being right-handed, it makes more sense to keep it on the right. I’ve never had the problem you discussed of accidentally opening a new tab instead of closing it. But if it’s a single tab in a window, why wouldn’t you just X out the regular way, why would you even click the tab’s x?

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