Close a tab and need tab to the left shows instead of right

I use Window 10 pro with latest desktop version of Brave installed. Every time i close a tab, tab to the right shows up automatically, and i have to switch back to tab on the left every single time. How i can have the left tab shows up when i close current tab. Thank you.

For example, there are 10 tabs, when i close tab number5, Brave will show me tab number6 automatically. I want tab number4 to show when i close tab number5. Please let me know if there is a solution. THanks.

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Hi @tinzi,
Unfortunately, there is no functionally to change that.
There might be an extension for that, but it is a very specific request.
I’ll tag this post as a feature request, and if it gets a-lot of attention we can turn it into a ticket for the devs.

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Thank you Aaron. If it’s not too difficult i hope to have this function be included in the future.

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