Don't open this page

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Acess this website:

  2. Error 500

  3. If you try in other navegator this website works

Expected result:

Open website

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details

Android 8.0.0 sm-j810m

Additional Information:

In Browser on Windows 10 too

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Tried in Brave, got this:

Slimjet, similar.

Opera, similar.

Firefox, similar.

What browser are you using (other than Brave)?

Could be a secure connection problem?

Anyone else?

If you go to the main page of the site,

it opens just fine and you can click on links on the site. Seems the error is with that one particular link. Probably could contact the site and let them know there is a problem with that link.

Still getting it with the main site link.

I just clicked it again. Main site opens fine. Language I don’t understand but it opens.

When you click the link I provided, look at your URL bar. Is it adding the info from your non-working link? Meaning, is it referring to a link in your history or cache?

I also opened it in the Edge browser no problem. I see it is Portuguese.

Site doesn’t work, if it opens with another browser probably it’s just a cache.

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