Printing problem only in Brave

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  1. Use Ubuntu 22.04
  2. Use a Brother laser printer (b/w)
  3. Pry using ctrl-C to print.

I have a Brother HL-L2350 installed with Ubuntu 22.04 and it works great in ALL my software EXEPT with Brave.

I have installed Firefox browser Opera Cromium Crome and Lynx and the default Ubuntu browser… Printing works flawless with all of them but as I stated earlier… NOT WITH Brave.

Trying to use ctrl-C to print anything I do get the window up but Brave do not understand my installed browser and complains that I have to reinstall my printer… Never it works fine and I se no reason for fiddeling with anything that works well with everything except brave.

All other browsers works fine directly after installing them… YES i did remove Brave and installed it again to give it the same start as the other browsers… but no it just don’t work.

I have tested both options I have in Ubuntu settings under “programs” Brave
Where I tested Cups-cuops-control and snapd-cops-control Neither works.

So what is wrong in brave ? Why is the printing option so bad compared to all other browsers I have tested ? The others “just work” directly after installation

Expected result: fail to print

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.61.104 64bit

Additional Information:

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