Potential Malware

When clicking on an entry in the password manager (brave://password-manager/passwords), it tries taking me to a different site:
www.tendermeets.com ( or (

Is this just a DNS issue? I’m not seeing where you own those IP addresses.

It’s getting flagged by MalwareBytes.

It doesn’t bring me to that site when I click on an entry. I recommend a reputable DNS like mentioned in this article.

I just want to verify some information. When you go to brave://password-manager/passwords where is it you’re clicking? For example, here’s something below:


The list would show a whole bunch of listings. Generally, if you click on any of those, it opens up your prompt to input your OS password. Then from there you’d end up with something like below:

The only time a website would open is if you’re in the prompt above and then click on the website thing listed on the upper right.

If you’re saying a website is opening at any time in between, then I would make sure to do some deep scans on your device so you can see what malware/adware/virus or whatever you might have. I’d also make sure to look at your extensions, as often this type of issue originates in extensions people install, of which aren’t easily detected by things like MalwareBytes.

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