Is this a fake Brave website?

I searched “Brave” via DuckDuckGo, and a site claiming to be Brave pops up. The site is clearly claiming to be the Brave homepage. I see they have download links for Android, ios, macOS, Windows 32 bit, and Windows 64 bit, as well as Linux.

So my question is, Is this an official Brave website? If not, is there anything you can do about somebody promoting possibly harmful content. Or any kind of warning you can provide people who think that that is the real Brave Homepage (if it is indeed fake.).

Thank You!

It looks like they have just copied the official brave website and inserted a download link with their own referral codes (EQU323 and HMM174 @Mattches might want to have a look at this). As the referral program is now closed this is no longer really an issue, but they probably broke the terms and conditions of the referral program doing this.

@Jonathan_Knipe thank you for reporting – we’re looking into the the site presently.

…which is DuckDuckGo’s fault. A good search engine should exclude fake websites.

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