Please compile Brave for Windows XP 32 bit


Please compile Brave so it runs on Windows XP. There are many users of XP who use it to avoid the spyware that M$ is pushing through Windows Update. I do NOT run Win 7 or above and I would like to use Brave.



Hi @kyle22,
Sadly Brave have no plan to support Windows XP.

In order to use Brave, you need Windows 7 and higher.


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Have you actually tried to compile it to support XP, or are you just opening the can and dumping the answer out to me?

Many times, all that needs done it to simply tick a box in the compiler options.


From help article for minimum requirements

And since prev. Brave (muon), Brave have no plan to support Win XP. Can't install on my laptop

Also, other browsers already ended their support for Windows XP and Vista. You may want to upgrade your OS for your own safety.


Yeah, I see this is the ‘Official canned response.’ Is the source code available? This is total BS that you are refusing to even try this because of MY ‘safety’.

Do you think you know better than me? Do you think I am stupid?


You can find all the source code on our official Github:


Thank You very much. I really appreciate it.


We do not support Windows XP or Vista. The lowest OS that is supported is Windows 7. You are free to try and build from the source and try it on XP but there won’t be any support if you run into issues.

Closing the thread as we will never officially support Windows XP.

Please respect users who try to help you on the forum. There is no need to be rude to anyone.

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