Please add HTTPS-only mode

Please add HTTPS-only mode, as did Firefox:

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Hello @gmacar

you mean to get https version of the site and block it if there no https one am i right?

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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No, it doesn’t block the website altogether. With this option enabled, Firefox now always uses HTTPS, but, if a website doesn’t have a certificate, FF issues a warning and asks you if you want to go on in HTTP instead.
Note that this is stronger than EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere, because it works with any website (HTTPS Everywhere basically uses a list instead).

see also

i was asking to make sure that i got you and i have firefox
so i got what you mean now that you want to block or at least get warning as in firefox

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I just enabled it in Chrome too. Hopefully Brave will follow suit soon.

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Also, HTTPS Everywhere is going to be abandoned:

It’s part of Brave Shields and has been for a while. Or am I misunderstanding something? I’m sincerely asking as I’ve not spent much time learning much on it. Just have seen every site I’m going to be https and that setting existing.

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That’s not the same; see the link in my first post. “HTTPS-only” is stronger than HTTPS Everywhere. Among other things, “Firefox asks for your permission before connecting to a website that doesn’t support secure connections.”

Hi everyone

I tested Brave for this non-secure page with/without Upgrade connections to HTTPS (in brave://settings/shields). In both instances, Brave gives a security warning.

Awesome, appreciate you sharing. I see now what you’re talking about. Originally thought you were speaking of an extension when I saw you mention HTTPS Everywhere. I’m still learning a lot of little details about the browser on various devices. Overall I tend to help with simpler things. So the time pointing it out definitely is much appreciated.

  1. Was interesting as I’ve always seen it show secured and upgraded to https. So going to that one and seeing not secured was new for me.
  2. Yet in visiting, it confirmed what @gmacar mentioned. It didn’t give a warning BEFORE going to or loading the page. It opened the page and then on the URL/Address bar showed Not Secure. Where I’m seeing that they are saying it would ask us for approval prior to loading…so I guess that could be a bit of a difference.

I know usually @fanboynz handles a lot of Shield and Adblock things. But at the same time, Brendan Eich had once told me to reach out to @michal regarding Shields. I thought Michal was just iOS but maybe does more? In any case, I tagged both hoping they might be able to hop in here and provide feedback on it.

Hello @Saoiray and @CerealLover

this a screen shot of what you see when access the site that @CerealLover mentioned

the warning that @CerealLover mention is just small one in the address bar

Screenshot from 2022-06-04 17-31-47

also in firefox case the site does not load unless you choose to click continue to http site

but brave/chrome load the site and only give this little notice in the address bar which could be not detected if user did not pay a lot of attention

hope that explain what the op meant and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t show any warnings here (with or without “upgrade connections to Https”) apart from the usual small triangle in the URL bar.

Brave does include the same functionality as Chrome, but the setting you want is in brave://settings/security:

It’s very similar to the Firefox one and is separate from the Shields HTTPS upgrade setting which has been mentioned above.


Thanks for that. I’m upset I had went past it many times and it didn’t sink in. Guess because it’s kind of “hidden” and is near where it talks about DNS and all. Somehow feels like it and the Shield settings should be located near each other. At least good to know it is there.