PDF preview forces to install get.adobe.com-reader extension?

Hello, Sirs.

Today for the first time my Brave browser

Versione 1.58.131 Chromium: 117.0.5938.92 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit)

won’t preview any PDF unless I install and adobe extension from [[http://get.adobe.com/reader]], as in this screenshot:

No need to say that i can get the correct preview using any other chromium-based browser.

My settings in


are set for ‘open PDF in Brave’, as in this second screenshot;

My system is

$ uname -a
Linux flesh 6.1.55-1-lts #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Sat, 23 Sep 2023 16:57:15 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Of couse, no way I’m going to install any extension from Adobe.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance, Piero

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