Payments complete but i did not get paid

Once agin i did not get paid,please help.


same here too no rewordz this monthe

Same here. I send messages to the admins but they didn’t reply


it is ridicilous that they dont want to respond and try to solve our problem…
Looks like a scam token from this point of view


I have the same problem. I pile up rewards and at the end of the months it doesn’t get transferred to uphold despite the fact that my uphold account is fully verified, active and connect with Brave. I used to get the rewards but for the last 3 months nothing. The summary simply says “0” yet I had rewards during the month. The rewards simply disappear. Also what is of note, the Brave team just allows these tickets to die after 30 days. They never say what is going on. They don’t even say that they are working on it.

@steeven @Mattches we still have the same problem please help us.

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