Payment Missing from Publisher Referral’s

I received the last payment for my work of Publisher Referral on FEBRUARY 13th. But it was left hanging 604 BAT, of which I’ve made the screenshot.

I waited for the March payment because I’ve read a post in which you ware saying that , these payments with problems will be solved on March.
But nothing, then I waited until April because I read that a small group had lagged behind in payments.

Now I go into my account and find this situation.

I would like to have clarification regarding when I’ll receive the final payment of the 604 BAT .
Kind regards,

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go to statments and see how many bat recivied into april. april payment continue pending

yestarday me have the same situation, and today i can see the acount with 1.75 bat and into stament the bat i will recibived soon.

Can I have an answer? When do you expect payment? Thank you.

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