Patreon didn't work


Hi there,

So I did report the site when I turned off the shields, but b/c I wasted so much of my time (I think I forgot to test the site without the shields), I’m writing this here.

I went to do a change of address at least 4 times & while their site gave me the popup saying I should expect a confirmation e-mail (I think that’s why I never turned off shields & tried it), I never got one & on their end they saw no indication that I tried to change my address.

On the 3rd time trying I realized I should try to turn off shields & only then did it work.

Please fix.

And I’m curious, when we report it after turning off shields, how do you know what part of the site is broken since you don’t ask us what the issue is.


Thank you for reporting it – the button simply sends us a very small report, with some very surface level platform info (platform, domain, browser version). We have team members on our end who examine these reports and open more detailed official Github issues if needed.


Well I recommend you have a text field up there so we can provide more details. Especially if you have to sign up for something in order to get the results I did.


If you want to provide us with details on the site and any other information you think would be relevant in diagnosing the issue, then you should come here to Community and open a thread for us to read. :slight_smile:

Ok, but you told me a few months ago to use the button on the shields area. And I’m saying it’s so much easier to write it on the page when it’s happening instead of having to come here, open a new ticket, etc.

Thanks :grinning:

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