Passwords with Brave

I’ve completely lost access to my Proton Mail and Proton Pass accounts on my iPhone. I can’t log in on my iPhone. The password I have on file on my Mac, under both Proton Pass and Firefox, doesn’t work. Yet, when I fire up Brave, it immediately goes to Proton Mail. So, somehow, it’s using a password to get me in. But, I can’t find where Brave shows me all of its passwords. Its password manager only shows me about 20 passwords. There should be hundreds.

@pb40720 I’m going to need some clarification here. You mention both iPhone and Mac. Which one are you saying goes into Proton Mail? Also, is it actually inputting a password for you to sign in or are you already logged in when you visit? If it’s the latter, it’s not that it has saved any passwords but is because of cookies that has you sign in available but will eventually expire.

Also want to note that Brave on iPhone doesn’t have any autofill capabilities. While it can store passwords in the browser, you can’t bring them up to fill in any information. The only passwords that can be accessed and put into login fields would be from your iCloud account or whatever. You can view those passwords by going to iPhone’s settings → passwords.

Again, on what device and all?

On my iPhone I can open Brave, just as I can on my Mac. But, on my iPhone I can’t open Proton Mail or Proton Pass because they both ask me to put in a password. On my Mac, because, somehow, I’m able to log into Proton Mail upon bootup of Brave, I have no password issues. And, because the credentials for Proton Mail and Proton Pass are the same, I’m also able to access Proton Pass in the Brave browser on my Mac. But, I’m no able to log into the Proton Pass app on my Mac, just as on my iPhone.

On my Mac. On my Mac, Brave only shows me about 20 passwords in its password manager. And, there should be a lot more. I imported hundreds from Firefox.

Never mind. Thanks, anyway. I found the password, hidden away. I’m OK now. But, I’d still like to know why the password manager in Brave only shows about 20 passwords even though I have hundreds of passwords.

Did you never save them to Brave? To clarify what I mean, you can actually set up Proton Pass to be your primary password manager and thus would be where everything is saved.

For example, as someone shared before:

When it’s enabled, it has Proton Pass override Brave and that’s where passwords go.

And when you save any passwords on iPhone, it goes to whatever you have set for your phone’s password manager. By default it’s icloud, but perhaps you also had that set to Proton Pass or whatever?

It never saved to Brave because it was “hidden,” the password. Anytime I’m presented with the opportunity to save to Brave, though, I do.