Password Autofill - Bulk delete all saved passwords?

Is there a way to bulk delete all passwords saved into Brave? I migrated from Chrome about 2 months ago, but since got an alert that a high number of those P/ws (in Chrome) were compromised.

I changed & fixed up all of those now in Chrome, but I’m concerned that a number of those (bad p/ws) might still be hiding in Brave. If I import the current passwords from Chrome, I’m concerned that any conflicts will remain and that I’ll have sites with 2 sets of passwords.

A cleaner way to do it is to delete the entire set of saved passwords in Brave and then do a fresh import from Chrome (which I now know is up-to-date).

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Go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData > Advanced > Passwords…

Thanks for the reply.

I’m aware of how to delete saved passwords INDIVIDUALLY, but not in BULK. All I can see is an option to “Import” and “Export” passwords. Exporting the database doesn’t delete the database.

My issue is that I have over 700 saved passwords and don’t fancy the process of deleting every one of them individually. Surely there must be a better way of replacing them ie. doing a clean import of passwords?

The only other option that I’m thinking may work is to uninstall Brave, then reinstalling and importing the (updated) passwords from Chrome.

Copy paste this to URL bar :point_up:, then when a dialog opened, click “Advanced” tab. There’ll be an option to delete all passwords @westats .


That worked for me. :+1:

Thanks so much for elaborating & sorting out the solution for me (maybe others also).


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