Pages keep lagging or freezing since Windows 10 Update

After recent Windows 10 update (which took 2 DAYS to accomplish), some things are running better but some are not. The worst at this point is my browser.

I have an i5 processor, 16GB memory - HP laptop computer. Memory usage runs about 27 - 35A% usually.

My internet speed is about 150GB / second - tested repeatedly.

Since the update, almost every page is slow to load. At times, entire browser locks up for a few seconds. Doesn’t seem to matter what webpage it is, although Facebook in particular is bad.

I’ve cleared my history and cache, restarted computer, checked my settings. I can’t find anything that would cause this. It may be something in the Windows update (sure seems that way) but I’m not sure what it could be. I would hate to uninstall it, since it did fix some things my system was doing wrong.

Any ideas? Not sure what other information I can provide - though I’m fairly computer literate, LOL - but if anyone can help would be greatly appreciated! It’s not fatal, but it sure is irritating.

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