Page keeps crashing Brave on iPad

This page on the BBC website (probably with active elements) keeps crashing Brave on my iPad Pro 2nd Gen 512GB (over half free) running iPadOSv 17.5.1 and Brave 1.66 (113). Shields and VPN off:

I have the same issues @okulo

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I have to force Brave to quit twice to make it operational again but even then, it will not open links from inside e-mails (such as the link to this thread) until I quit it again.

@okulo you actually crashing? Also have you tried opening that exact link in Safari or Chrome?

I just tested on my iPhone and what I experienced is that the website would freeze up while it loaded. So you would not be able to scroll or do anything. But if you sit and wait there then the site would actually come up and you could scroll through. I tested this on Brave with both Shields up and down, neither of which made a difference.

Then out of curiosity I pasted the link into Safari and it did the same exact thing. So this tells me it is not a browser specific issue. It likely is just something encoded on that page. Maybe too many scripts?

But it might be helpful to have you test and see if that’s the same for you, in terms of the issue occurring even in other web browsers. I also would like clarification On the exact behavior you experience when you say that it’s crashing. Especially to know if you’ve given A minute or two without you messing with it so it can load. Or if you just suddenly panic because everything becomes unresponsive for that little timeframe and assume that maybe it’s completely frozen/crashed?

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@Mattches not sure if you see this before you take off for the weekend, but you able to replicate?

And if also occurs other browsers, who has burden to try to resolve?

Indeed, after about two minutes, the page will scroll but it is very juddery.

Yeah it looks like I can reproduce — page appears to load normally initially but after a moment the bottom 3/4 of the page goes white and I can no longer interact with the page.

Pinging @fanboynz to take a look.


Brave Crashes every time I browse YouTube for 5 minutes or more resulting in iPad restart automatically.

I am using iPad Pro m4 11 inch on iPadOs 17.5.1

Interesting. Are you logged in? does it crash if you keep a music stream open (like lofi girl streaming)

I observed how exactly it crashes, when i am playing any YouTube video and it playing in full screen and I swipe at bottom to go to home Screen it crashes and iPad restart.

Can you check other browsers on the ipad, Haven’t got one handy atm

@okulo and @John_graph Can you test and see if having the same issue? When I noticed @fanboynz talking to @codestormer who posted here with a different issue, I wondered if was fixed or ignored. When I just went to the link, it loaded perfectly and didn’t show same issues as before.

I’m guessing Fanboynz or someone else corrected whatever was going on but we just didn’t get feedback here to advise. Regardless, just wanting to confirm issue gone away for you as well.

I recorded the video of crashing but I get the message new user can not add attachment.

In safari and chrome I didn’t face this issue