Organization of Playlist Items Into Folders

The playlist feature on the Brave mobile app is perhaps my favorite feature of the whole browser. However, once you start to have a lot of items in that playlist, things can begin to feel rather clunky. If folders were added to the playlist system, users with large amounts of content in their playlists would have much more organizational flexibility and would ultimately receive a better experience.
As it stands right now, the system feels rather inconvenient if you have lots of individual items. It can be difficult to find things, and lots of scrolling is currently involved. For example, users that play music with the feature may want to have multiple playlists. Right now, the best way to do this is through the ordering of items, categorizing each “playlist” together and having each one follow another. This, once again, feels very bulky once you have lots of items. The addition of folders into the system would completely bypass the need for multiple playlists, as users could simply organize each playlist into an individual folder.
As for the implementation of folders, I believe a system similar to that used with bookmarks would make the most sense. Users should be able to create as many folders and sub-folders as they deem necessary, and the system should play each folder back individually. I think folders would be a great addition to the playlist feature and would greatly increase the organizational flexibility available to users with many individual items.

Thank you for your time!