Opening link always opens in new window + in background (when Brave closed)

This is a copy of an older post, but the problem still remains and is very annoying.
(original post: Opening link (when Brave closed) always opens in new window + in background)

When you click a link outside of Brave, if Brave is already running, it opens the link as a new tab—which works well.

(Brave is set as my default browser, and is up to date.)

However, if Brave isn’t already running, it always opens the link as a new window—but also, this new window opens behind the main window (the one with pinned tabs or tabs from a previous session). At first glance, it looks like nothing is happening, because the window with the newly opened link is sitting in the background).

You therefore have to either:

  • Use the new window, but then have to go back and forth between windows to access pinned tabs, or tabs from your previous session, OR
  • Go to the new background window, click on the tab, and then drag it into the other window as a new tab—every single time.

I have OnStartup set to ‘continue where you left off’ and want links opened from outside Brave to be shown in a new tab, instead of a new window in the background.

Could new links, when Brave is closed, please open in Brave as a new tab?

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