"Oops something went wrong" March Rewards

On Android I got the Claim rewards for March and I clicked claim and got “oops something went wrong”. The claim button showed up again and then the same result “oops something went wrong”.

Now the claim notification does not show up anymore and I am not sure how to claim the rewards. My wallet is not verified yet since I was waiting for these rewards to have enough BAT.

What do?

Same thing happened to me, but now the claim button is missing yet i see a notification on the brave reward icon.
After reading the previous threads i also checked my safety net but that isn’t the issue either.

Same issue in my android. But in my desktop it works so smooth… i claimed my BAT in my pc. But in my phone still saying “Oops something went wrong” please help…

It looks like this was addressed as a response in the following reddit comment. They have paused the claiming because of issues and will fix it next week.

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