Not receiving any BAT rewards

Hi there,
Since mid march that, despite continuing to view ads, I’m not receiving any BAT reward. Brave is up to date.
Any help or suggestions?

@Frasier What device and OS are you running Brave on.

If it’s an iOS (iPhone iMac) forced Brave to stop letting iOS users to participate in the rewards program.

Thanks for reaching out.
It is not iOS I’m referring to.
The problem is with desktop version (macOS)

A sáb., abr. 17, 2021 às 13:10, Lawrence Wagner via Brave Community <> escreveu:

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Even iam not geting bat even after viewing several adds…iam viewing add from half a month and not getting even a single bat…iam using a android…and the app is updated tooo.
Any solution?

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