Please explain why ads are not available everywhere

A lot of topic popup about ads which are not available outside regions US, Canada, UK, France and Germany. But… when I read answers from the Brave team I only see messages like ‘it’s not available yet outside those regions’ or bs-solutions like Brave Beta ads not showing up.

For ordinary users outside those countries like me it’s not understandible why it’s not available. Currently I don’t understand the issue and I don’t have the feeling that it’s very urgent to solve this. I am feeling myself a secondary user.

Best Brave team, please answers the following easy questions:

  1. What’s the reason that ads are only available in US, Canada, UK, France and Germany?
  2. Does it have urgency to make ads available in other regions/all over the world?
  3. When will ads be available for other regions?
  4. Which regions will be next? Please provide a planning for the rest of the world.

By answerring these questions you will get more understanding instead of commotion.

Explanation: I want to push Brave to my connections as alternative for other browsers, but these people are no IT-nerds. For them it should work without change of settings. Otherwise they will reject Brave forever. It’s very very important for adoption of ordinary users that it is not needed to change settings or execute other IT related tricks. Therefore it’s important to share the correct information about his. Thnx.

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@asad and @steeven please answer this we outsider need a timeline for rollouts

I agree. A timeline would be very helpful. I blog about Brave and this is the most common question. People really want to know. And as OP said, it’s more difficult to feel good about promoting Brave in an incomplete release where its biggest selling point isn’t yet functional. People read about it and get frustrated that they can’t yet use it and that others are able. Some timeline would reassure them.

  1. Business development does require that we follow the laws of each region. As much as we’d like to believe the Internet is a fully neutral space online, regulations are real.
  2. Totally. Who wouldn’t want to grow as fast as possible?
  3. As soon as is possible. Some regions have very straightforward and easy methods for participation, others… not so much.
  4. We’re unlikely to give a specific roadmap for each region. We do have some business strategy which will remain internal. My best advice there is to pay attention to community announcements because we will likely ask for folks to help us test ahead of new region additions.

If I lived outside of the supported regions, I would have the exact same questions and be super excited about when it is finally going to be available where I live. I empathize deeply.

There is every urgency internally to get Ads up and running in every region imaginable during 2019. We’ll keep growing beyond then, but the heat is on.


Thanks @alex for the clear answers.

One last hint from my side: in the communication I rather like to see it was explained in advance so that people outside the supported regions are able to imagine the problems you encounter. Instead the communication was like “it’s only available in UK, US, France, Germany and Canada.” Period, end of message. Then people have the feeling that it’s unfair and ask why.

But ok so far. Hope it will be arranged soon in other regions as well.

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