No video images after last Brave update

Hi. After the last Brave update all video images, on all media platforms (youtube, bitchute, odysee, rumble) have whited out. A solution would be wonderful. Thanks.

Share images , Make Sure You are not blocking Scripts.

Can you say how I go about ‘not blocking scripts’ please?

Thank you for this. Sadly neither adjustment makes any difference. Anything else I could try?

You need to provide screenshots, Websites working fine in Private window ?

Here’s the screenshot. Not sure what you mean by Websites in Private window?
Thanks @scavxo

Turn off Shields and see if the video plays fine
Try Changing themes in Youtube
Try Signing out and Logging in again
Turn off Extensions or use private window (Ctrl+Shift+N)
Restart your PC

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Will do, thanks. I accidentally pressed the ‘solved’ button - omg.

Tried each one but still no solution. Wish I could say different. Is there any hope @scavxo ?

uninstall Brave
Restart PC
Install Brave again.

Thanks so much @scavxo . Uninstalling Brave wasn’t simple, but it’s now done. I have so much more speed on my laptop, have decided not to re-install it atm. Apart from Brave blocking yt ads, what are the benefits? (hope you don’t mind answering)