No rewards for March 2023

Hi, Did not receive reward for march in my Uphold wallet. I am in BiH and cannot verified my account with as yet. Last few months I am writing to Brave support and after that I get my rewards. Would it possible to get this automatically !!!
enclosed are info from Brave web…
I have my Brave account with different devices (3 PCs, mobile)

Are you connected to Uphold currently? Please go to brave://rewards and share screenshot.

Hope tis is what you asked


Yes I can access Uphold, I can Login to Uphold
In February and March 2023 I received rewards

@Bravomir Hey, just wanted to inform you that missing payments generally need to have a Rewards Support Ticket at to get assistance.

Logs generally aren’t helpful unless specifically requested. Rewards Payment ID is something that is often suggested you don’t share publicly. While it may not be of incredibly high concern, Brave just suggests providing as little personal information as possible and giving as few tools to others as you can. You never know where it can be used to attempt to access more info or to take your money. (including people claiming it’s their ID and trying to get payments sent to them instead, which people have tried in the past)

That’s because your country isn’t supported. You can see that as well in the log you sent, where it explained region_not_supported. You can see a list of countries which are supported now, to be able to link to Uphold, at You’ll see Bosnia and Herzegovina are not listed. Therefore you can’t connect to Uphold.

If you’re not connected, you can’t earn BAT. That change was announced a while ago at

Also based on your screenshot, you’re using an older version of Brave. The new one no longer says Manage Brave Rewards like yours done. So it means you’ve either intentionally installed an older version or have been preventing auto update for some reason. Whiole using older version of Brave might have it use old format and suggest you’re earning, it won’t pay you.

Current format for brave://rewards page is like below:

So what is future for my and all others in regions that are not supported???
We are using Brave, but not getting our rewards !!!
Can we switch to Brave wallet or to any other wallet (MetaMask…) that support Brave and continue to receive rewards ???

Nope, self custodial wallets won’t likely ever be eligible for getting our Brave rewards payouts due to regulations.

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