No he recibido mis BAT este mes. (

Hello, I have not received my payment from Publisher, I have my associated Uphold wallet and nothing has arrived. Greetings!

literalmente en medio de tu pantalla sale el estado de los pagos, y siguen en “pendiente” o “procesando”

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Mira esto, compañero: Screenshot_20210508-175302_Chrome @namjin21

no en en esa pantalla, aquí en brave community, hay un post fijado que muestra el estado de los pagos . May 2021 Creators Payout

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Good morning, I have not received the payment for this month either and the last one was incomplete but I don’t know where to put my concern?

Someone knows how to remove a connection from other computers that I had linked with my uphold account but I no longer have them and I would like to link another computer that I got but they tell me that I cannot because I already have the limit of allowed computers but the computers that I had added I no longer have someone who can help me?

I didn’t receive this month either

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