No claming rewards button on beta and nightly

HELLO! i dont have a claming button on brave nightly and the beta version! I have several profiles created on the night version and the beta version and no profile has the claming button … only the basic version has the claming button. This is the first time this has happened to me in 5 months Does anyone have this problem???


same problem here!!!

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@Mattches can you check this video for me please?? So , as i said, i have several profiles on all 3 brave browsers, but i was able to claim my rewards only on 1 profile on every brave browser. Do i have to wait any longer or those bats are gone forever?

@Mattches @steeven still no claming rewards button on all my profiles created apart from a single profile for each brwoser… all my browsers are up to date!

@steeven @Mattches can you give me an answer please? or close the topic,if you dont want to answer :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :roll_eyes:

Can you please send me a DM and copy/paste your wallet payment IDs for the profiles that did not allow you to claim in it please?

@Mattches i send u 2 DMs , but i didnt get any answer… is something wrong??
I have no beta or nightly brave version. I have release version and No claming rewards button.

I think the problem is the same in both release and beta (nightly).
If the problem is solved, please let me know to direct message.

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@dimka i am still waiting for @Mattches and @steeven to give me an answer :worried: :worried:

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